JUICEGLAM Design + ApartmentsJUICEGLAM Design + Apartments

100% passion juice and creativity hand squeezed by Marco and Valentina.100% passion juice and creativity hand squeezed by Marco and Valentina.


The juice from mature fruits


Marco and Valentina, united in both life and work, got the idea of juice thinking back at their infant years when juice represented amusement/games and happiness/fun guiding them to the realization of holiday homes to share with their new friends.

Marco + Valentina


Time goes by
but the juice never changes

Brick by Brick

Marco and Valentina from a young age interpreted their creativity with Lego bricks, but from that game things have become reality and they are now facing a new challenge.

Those games have become our job but the juice has not changed: the main ingredient in the realization of our holiday homes is our continuous creativity and enthusiasm.


A container for a perfect mix


Where we grew up, where else?
Venice is a particular and mysterious city, rich of traditions and centuries of legends
It is the perfect frame to bind the past and present, amusement and work, style and culture:
The mix of ingredients that our apartments are made from.

Marco + Valentina


Juice break: JuiceGlam

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Everyone of us deserves a “juice break” our holiday homes are the best place to do so: central locations, elevated quality in the out linings, trims and services, and we will accompany you through your booking of one of our homes.
All 100% juiceglam

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